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Put missing teeth in the rearview mirror with a dental bridge courtesy of our Ocala, FL, dentist. Fixed prosthetic devices designed to “bridge the gap” between open spaces and adjacent natural teeth, dental bridges traditionally consist of one or more false teeth and supporting crowns. This durable solution prevents shifting of remaining teeth, promotes proper bite alignment, and enhances smiles.

Here’s what else you need to know about dental bridges.

Do I Need a Bridge?

It’s important to remember that every patient is different. Where one person may benefit from a certain form of restoration, another may be better served by something else entirely. Dr. Pruitt will need to meet with you to take a closer look at your smile and gauge your personal preferences.

Generally speaking, however, a dental bridge may work for people with:

Dental Bridge Installation Process

Placing a dental bridge involves several key steps to ensure both a functional and beautiful result. Beginning with preparatory measures, Dr. Pruitt will conduct a thorough oral examination and may take X-rays or scans to get the full picture of the area in need.

Assessment complete, the tooth preparation phase can now begin. This involves shaping the adjacent or supporting teeth to create a stable foundation for the bridge. Digital impressions are then taken to guide the dental lab in fabricating a custom bridge that perfectly fits your dental structure. We’ll place a temporary bridge in the meantime to protect exposed teeth and help with chewing.

After a few weeks, the final bridge will arrive at our Ocala, FL, dental office and we’ll proceed with placement. Any adjustments that are needed for optimal comfort and daily use are made at this time. Once the bridge is securely in place, Dr. Pruitt will give you additional post-procedural care instructions to promote healing and adaptation.

Throughout the dental bridge process, our team is dedicated to communicating with patients and addressing any concerns to guarantee a smooth experience. The goal is not only to restore oral function and aesthetics but also to make the entire experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible for our patients.

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