Tooth Colored Fillings Ocala Florida Dentist

Tooth-colored fillings are modern alternatives to old-school metal fillings and are composed of a durable and aesthetically-pleasing resin. Our Ocala, FL, dentist prefers fillings of this type because of their strength and ability to seamlessly blend in with natural teeth. Ideal for repairing cavities or minor dental imperfections, they offer a discreet solution while preserving the tooth’s appearance.

Learn more about composite resin fillings below.

Advantages to Choosing Tooth-Colored Fillings

There are a range of advantages that make tooth-colored fillings a preferred choice over the traditional metal option. One of the more obvious benefits is how they look. Unlike metal fillings that stand out and can draw eyes right to where you’ve had a cavity, tooth-colored fillings are designed to closely match the color of the surrounding tooth enamel. This color matching ability helps minimize the visibility of dental work, removing any feelings of self-consciousness.

Beyond the aesthetic considerations, tooth-colored fillings also preserve more of your tooth structure compared to fillings used in the past. This is thanks to how they’re applied as Dr. Pruitt is able to directly bond the material to the tooth. Goodbye extensive drilling and enamel removal! This bonding process serves to maintain the overall strength and integrity of the tooth.

Another bonus of tooth-colored fillings is that they often result in reduced sensitivity for patients. The materials used in these fillings have lower thermal conductivity compared to metal, meaning they are less sensitive to temperature changes. This characteristic can lead to increased comfort, especially for those who may otherwise experience heightened sensitivity with traditional metal fillings.

Overall, the advantages of tooth-colored fillings extend beyond cosmetic considerations and are well worth their rise in popularity over recent years.

Take Care of Your Cavity

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