Tooth Extractions Ocala Flordia Dentist

Tooth extractions are recommended by our Ocala, FL, dentist for various reasons, though they’re not typically the first solution considered. While the prospect of having a tooth removed may seem daunting, it is an essential step in maintaining overall oral health and can, surprisingly, contribute to enhancing one’s smile.

Here’s what you need to know about simple tooth extraction.

Overview of Simple Extractions

Unlike those involving oral surgery, simple tooth extractions are commonly performed to remove teeth that are visible in the mouth (above the gum line) and accessible. This type of extraction is often reserved for damaged teeth or teeth that are compromised in a way that allows for straightforward removal and not extensive surgical techniques.

For example, you may need to have a tooth pulled because of:

  • Deep or extensive tooth decay
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Dental trauma (i.e., fractured tooth)
  • Severe infection that may spread and can’t be resolved with a root canal or prescribed antibiotics

Dr. Pruitt will always try to do what’s necessary to save your natural teeth first. If there’s a restorative procedure like a tooth-colored filling or dental crown that can keep your tooth intact, we will move in that direction. It’s only when it becomes apparent that the tooth is beyond the point of repair that extraction is chosen.

Preparing for a Tooth Extraction

Before undergoing a tooth extraction, there has to be a comprehensive consultation and exam with Dr. Pruitt. During this appointment, he’ll assess the condition of the affected tooth using X-rays, review your medical history, and consider any potential risk factors. This thorough evaluation allows Dr. Pruitt and our team to determine whether a tooth extraction is the most suitable course of action or if alternative treatments can be explored.

At this time, we encourage patients to openly discuss any concerns, ask questions, and seek clarification about the extraction procedure. Dr. Pruitt will explain the reasons for the extraction, the expected outcomes, and address any pre-existing conditions that may impact the process. Collaborating in this way ensures that both our team and you are well-informed and aligned on the treatment plan.

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Our dentist in Ocala, FL, takes tooth extraction seriously and will only recommend the procedure when it’s clearly needed. Call Pruitt Dentistry today at 352.732.3985 to request an appointment or contact us online.