Fluoride Treatment Dentist Near Me

Often performed during routine dental check-ups, fluoride treatment works to strengthen tooth enamel, especially in situations where gum recession is found, and prevent tooth decay. Much like dental sealants, the process is fast, straightforward, and pain-free. Our Ocala, FL, dentist recommends fluoride application in addition to good oral hygiene practices as it will help remineralize enamel and make teeth more resistant to acid attacks from bacteria and sugars.

Here’s what else you need to know.

Why Choose Fluoride Treatment?

One primary advantage of opting for fluoride inside our Ocala, FL, dental office is its significant role in preventing tooth decay. By applying fluoride, we create a protective barrier that helps fortify teeth against harmful acids and bacteria, ultimately reducing the risk of cavities.

Additionally, fluoride treatment plays a key role in strengthening enamel—the outer portion of teeth that protects the innermost layers from damage. Over time, factors such as age and acidic foods or beverages can weaken enamel, making teeth more vulnerable. Embracing fluoride helps remineralize and enhance enamel strength so it’s better equipped to handle external “threats”.

For those experiencing tooth sensitivity, fluoride treatment can be particularly beneficial. Sensitivity often arises due to exposed dentin (layer underneath enamel) or weakened enamel. The application of fluoride only takes a few minutes yet it helps address these issues, reducing sensitivity and increasing overall comfort.

Whether it’s for children developing their first set of teeth or adults looking to preserve their oral health, fluoride treatment stands as a reliable preventive measure that contributes to a lasting and vibrant smile.

Up the Strength of Your Teeth

The fluoride that our dentist in Ocala, FL, and hygienists apply to your smile is much stronger than what you might find in water or toothpaste but rest assured, it’s still very much safe. Ask us about treatment of this type today by calling Pruitt Dentistry at 352.732.3985 or request an appointment online.